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Rationale and Purpose of the Module:

The aim of this module is to continue the work of Creative Process I in exploring the creative process in artistic and academic work with a view towards investigating resonance, dissonance and synchronicity between method in ones performance practice and in the investigation of ones specialist research project.


This module continues the work of Creative Process I in addressing questions concerning the design and framing of a research project, including ways of framing research questions, the relationships among theory and practice in research, research ethics and issues of representation in ethnographic writing. It purposely crosses boundaries between creative processes in the arts and sciences in ways appropriate to our population of scholar/artists and research/practitioners. Work in this module is explicitly multi-modal in character. Through the encouragement of dialogue between methods in creative process of performing and the research process, it facilities the creation of methodological tools appropriate to the particularity of specific research questions.

Learning Outcomes:

Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis)

Synthesis methodological tools which are relevant to the pursuit of ones specialist research project. Evaluate the efficacy of these tools and revise where necessary. Share an awareness of the value of the educational journey involved in creative process. Combine relevant artistic and academic practice in the development of ones specialist research method. Create methodological tools appropriate to ones specialist research question.

Affective (Attitudes and Values)


Psychomotor (Physical Skills)


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Research Findings Incorporated in to the Syllabus (If Relevant):

Prime Texts:

Marcus, George (1998) Ethnography in/of the World System: The Emergene of Multi-Sited Ethnography in Ethnography through Thick and Thin , Princeton: Princeton University Press
Abu-Lughod, Lila (1993) Writing Against Culture in Fox R (ed) Remaking Anthropology: Working in the Present , Santa Fe, NM: School of American Research Press pp. 137-162
Howes, David (2004) Taking Leave of Our Senses and Coming To Our Senses in Sensual Anthropology: Engaging the Senses in Culture and Social Theory , Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press pp. 3-58

Other Relevant Texts:

Emerson R, Fretz R and Shaw L (1995) Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes , Chicago: University of Chicago Press
Farnell B (1994) Ethnographics and the Moving Body , MAN: The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 29(4) pp.929-974
Pavis P (2003) Analysing Performance: Theater, Dance and Film , Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press
Reed-Danahay D (1997) Auto/Ethnography: Rewriting the Self and the Social , Oxford: Berg Stokes

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