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Rationale and Purpose of the Module:

This module will provide non business students with an understanding of the key knowledge and skills involved in marketing management. The module will examine the strategic importance of marketing and explore the key challenges and contemporary issues surrounding the management of marketing. The key objectives are: 1. To explore the role of marketing management in the contemporary environment and investigate how marketers can manage environmental changes 2. To evaluate marketings contribution in the creation of sustainable competitive advantage for different business contexts 3. To investigate the importance of marketing within the firm and the challenges surrounding the management of the marketing function 4. To provide students with an understanding of the role of marketing planning and implementation.


Building upon the foundations of marketing, this module takes a strategic approach to the theory and practice of marketing. The module introduces the concept of the marketing vision and explores the process of strategic analysis based on an assessment of key external and internal forces affecting the firm. An exploration of marketing strategy and the sources of competitive advantage follow with key competitive positioning strategies presented. The module focuses on understanding the management of the marketing function, the development of the marketing mix and the practice of marketing in terms of maximising value to customers and other stakeholders. Core areas to marketing management such as customer behaviour, brand management, services management and relationship marketing are examined. Key models and theories related to marketing planning and implementation are explored.

Learning Outcomes:

Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis)

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to: Discuss modern marketing strategies Appraise the forces impacting upon marketing management Critically evaluate modern marketing management concepts, techniques, strategies and theories Apply marketing management skills in numerous situations and business contexts Propose marketing solutions to complex scenarios Demonstrate skills and abilities such as communication, project management, problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills. Incorporate marketing management applications to relevant sectors of constituent groups.

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Psychomotor (Physical Skills)


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Prime Texts:

Hooley, G. Saunders, J. Piercy, N. and Nicolaud, B. (2007) Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning , Prentice Hall
Aaker, D.A. (2005) Strategic Market Management , Wiley and Sons
Bradley, F. (2003) Strategic Marketing , John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, England.

Other Relevant Texts:

Doyle (2000) Value Based Marketing, Marketing Strategies for Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value , New York, John Wiley and Sons

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Spring - 08/09

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