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Rationale and Purpose of the Module:

This module examines both the role of the HR function in the management of people at work and the importance of managing people in contributing to organisational effectiveness. This module is designed to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of Human Resource Management (HRM) in organisations. There is a strong focus on contextualising HRM within the prevailing macro environment to demonstrate how this influences the range of HR policies and systems enacted by organisations.


The syllabus covers core issues surrounding managing people at work. In so doing, the module starts with a consideration of key labour market issues in Ireland and how these affect the nature of HRM in organisations. Arising from a labour market analysis, core HR activities are next explored including the processes of human resource planning, recruitment and selection. The module next examines critical elements of managing and rewarding performance, designing jobs and developing people at work. The nature of work is set down and finally, the regulatory environment for HRM in Ireland is indicated.

Learning Outcomes:

Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis)

Differentiate between the concepts HRM and Personnel Determine the contribution that HRM can make to organisational functioning Identify the components of the human resource panning, recruitment, section and reward system processes operate in the workplace Identify how the design of a job impacts on individual level motivation in the workplace Indicate how employment relations procedures and policies function Differentiate between learnign and development processes and theories

Affective (Attitudes and Values)


Psychomotor (Physical Skills)


How the Module will be Taught and what will be the Learning Experiences of the Students:

While the lecture delivery follows a mainly didactic format the tutorials form an intrinsic element of this module. They are designed to facilitate the development of a more operational understanding of how HRM plays out in organisations. These tutorials are largely workshop based to facilitate the enhancement of skills in aspects of recruitment and selection, appraisal, reward and development.

Research Findings Incorporated in to the Syllabus (If Relevant):

Prime Texts:

Gunnigle, P., Heraty, N., and Morley, M. (2006) Human Resource Management in Ireland, 3rd ed., , Dublin: Gill & Macmillan

Other Relevant Texts:

Armstrong, M. (2001) A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 8th ed., , London: Kogan Page.
Bratton, J. and Gold, J. (2007) Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice, 4th ed., , Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
Marchington, M. and Wilkinson, A. (2002) People Management and Development , London: CIPD

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Autumn - 09/10

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