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Rationale and Purpose of the Module:

This course aims to examine the origins and impacts of contemporary conflicts in the Global South and the complex relations between development and violence, both in theory and in various cases, including Sudan, Sierra Leone, Columbia and Afghanistan.


The course will explore explanations for the emergence and processes of conflict, and analyses of its changing nature and form in the post-Cold war era. It will examine the dynamics of various forms of conflict, including civil war, genocide and inter-state war. It will also consider the consequences of conflict for development; the prospects and implications for development in the context of persistent complex emergencies; and the role of development agencies in conflict arenas.

Learning Outcomes:

Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis)

An understanding of the key theories, concepts and debates relating to conflict in the Global South. An ability to evaluate the arguments and apply them in the analysis of particular cases of conflict. The development of advanced research, essay writing and presentation skills

Affective (Attitudes and Values)

An awareness of diverse views and an ability to respond to these with consideration and respect An awareness of how to apply reason and evidence in the analysis of complex and sensitive questions.

Psychomotor (Physical Skills)


How the Module will be Taught and what will be the Learning Experiences of the Students:

An insight into diverse conflicts and into the dilemmas facing those who seek to intervene or to promote development in countries and regions affected by persistent conflict and political violence.

Research Findings Incorporated in to the Syllabus (If Relevant):

Prime Texts:

Keen, David (2008) Complex Emergencies , Cambridge: Polity
Duffield, Mark (2001) Global Governance and the New Wars: The Merging of Development and Security , London: Zed Books
Berdal, Mats & Malone, David M. (eds) (2000) Greed and Grievance: Economic Agendas in Civil Wars. , Boulder & London: Lynne Rienner.

Other Relevant Texts:

Giles, Wenona and Hyndman, Jennifer (eds) (2004) Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones. , Berkeley, LA, London: University of California Press
Richards P. (ed.) (2005) No Peace, No War: An Anthropology of Contemporary Armed Conflicts. , Oxford: James Currey.
Conteh Morgan, Earl. (2004) Collective Political Violence , New York

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